Refusing to Receive

This has been a common theme that is popping up in my world lately.

Do you have a challenge with receiving?

If you have been struggling with:

  • having money flow into your life, 
  • allowing people to help you, 
  • embracing compliments, 
  • owning your strengths and gifts, 

These are all indicators that you may have an issue with receiving.

If you feel like you come last on your own priority list then it is likely you have an issue with receiving.

I still catch myself doing this sometimes and I watch women around me do it too!

Women have learned to give and give and give. We have not learned how to receive. When it is our turn to receive we are not sure how to do it, or what it even feels like. And then there is this little thing called guilt.

Have you experienced this?

Have you ever been ready to do something for yourself, and then you see the price and you stop? Full stop!

And next, you might convince yourself that you need the money for something else.  The kids,...

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Is this even mine?

This could be the single most powerful question you will learn to ask. Especially if you want to be the hero in your own journey.
You may be walking around like a great big sponge. Absorbing emotions, and energy from others and not even realizing it. The load can become heavy very quickly and you need a way to release the stuff you are picking up and taking on.
How do you know if you are an empath (or a sponge)? Some signs you may recognize are you:
  • often feel drained after being in a crowd of people
  • pick up on the energy of a room as soon as you enter it.
  • have a built in BS detector
  • take on others emotions, energies, illnesses or injuries
  • can become incapacitated by loud violent noises or strong smells
  • can’t contain your love of animals or babies
Those are just some of the most common signs of an empath. If you want to learn more about what type of empath you are then take my quiz.
Recently I was doing an gentle body...
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Have you been here before or are you losing your mind?

 Have you ever experienced intense emotions about something you are about to do and wondered where the heck these emotions came from?
I am talking about doing something you have never done before.
You have no previous memory of anything similar and yet you have an intense reaction to the idea. WTF?
Why is that?
It could be that a past life experience or pattern is holding you hostage.
What do I mean by that?
The body remembers everything that has happened to it in this lifetime. The soul remembers everything that has happened to it in any of the hundred of lifetimes you have lived. Together they carry and broadcast the beliefs and emotions of these remembrances. These memories can hold you imprisoned, in your own body.  Feeling like you have nowhere to turn or no alternate choice.
During our recent online women’s circle, we had many participants wondering about their...
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Have you ever missed the forest for the trees?

Just yesterday, I found myself in a position where I had spent years working toward one result, only to realize that wasn’t what I truly wanted.  All my work had been in vain or had it?

I had already released the need for the big house, the fancy cars, the trappings of a better life.  A better life according to who?  Not me, I realized.

I had to take a step back and ask myself whose beliefs were these?  Were they even mine?  Turns out they weren’t.  They were projections of others that I had bought into believing that I would be successful when I had (fill in the blank here). Can you relate?

The truth was none of these things was ever going to make me feel successful. They just left me spinning in a circle wondering how to pay the bills, and emotionally drained. And still feeling like my best wasn’t good enough.

So when I started to spin and the emotions were coming up fast and heavy, I had to go to work on collapsing more of my...

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What does enough even mean?

Is it when your belly is full and you are not feeling hungry any more?  Or . . . is it when your heart is content and wrapped in joy?

Have you ever struggled with a busy mind?  Where your ideas jump all over the place and you can't keep a train of thought for more than a few seconds.

I often experience this brain chaos and while it can be exhilarating for a short time I have come to realize that it is a big part of the energy drain.  Think of your body being pushed into fight or flight mode by this constant chaos.  That causes the adrenals to release cortisol over and over again. 

Now, remember the adrenals are there for a reason, to kick us into high gear and get the adrenaline pumping so we could save ourselves from the immediate danger.  The problem is for many of us today we are in this state almost constantly and as a result, we experience adrenal fatigue.  The glands are depleted and they just shut down.

So why am I sharing this today?...

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Mirrors and Triggers

Spending the weekend with soul sisters is inspiring and enlightening!
When women gather, magic happens. And the shit can fly too!
What do I mean?
Have you ever been in a situation where you watch two people trigger the hell out of each other? Where whatever one says the other reacts too. What if you think of it like this. One person behaves in a certain way and it acts as a mirror for the other person. They see, feel or recognize something they don’t like within themselves. They make a choice and behave in a certain way that is comfortable for them and likely a pattern. If they are not aware of what is happening they may react with an emotion like anger, frustration, or guilt. This often will then set off the other person because it is again reflecting back on them.
Take a moment and consider who is currently acting as a mirror for you? Hint: Think about your children and the one that annoys you on the...
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You may have heard the phrase expectations are pre-meditated resentments.  It's a little like scripting how someone else will behave without them having a copy of the script.  How can they possibly know how you are expecting them to react?  And why should they know?  They don't have a crystal ball!  And yet we often expect them to know exactly how we want them to behave.

This topic came up for me recently and I realized that with certain relationships in my life (read spouse, close friends, and family) I often decide ahead of time how things will go down.  Now I don't mean I sit and deliberate about it consciously.  It's more of an act of my subconscious mind.  The subconscious brain automatically fills in the blanks of the rest of the story based on past trauma and events.  It is a recipe for disaster!

It feels like I blink and the pattern is set.  My husband will come into the house and I will ask him something and he doesn't...

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