Have you ever missed the forest for the trees?

Just yesterday, I found myself in a position where I had spent years working toward one result, only to realize that wasn’t what I truly wanted.  All my work had been in vain or had it?

I had already released the need for the big house, the fancy cars, the trappings of a better life.  A better life according to who?  Not me, I realized.

I had to take a step back and ask myself whose beliefs were these?  Were they even mine?  Turns out they weren’t.  They were projections of others that I had bought into believing that I would be successful when I had (fill in the blank here). Can you relate?

The truth was none of these things was ever going to make me feel successful. They just left me spinning in a circle wondering how to pay the bills, and emotionally drained. And still feeling like my best wasn’t good enough.

So when I started to spin and the emotions were coming up fast and heavy, I had to go to work on collapsing more of my beliefs and akashic records around not being good enough, being abandoned, being unlovable and being unforgivable.

Do you recognize the feeling I am referring to here?  The one where you get the nasty pit in your stomach and you know it isn’t moving until you do something BIG!  Often times these emotions aren’t just from our experiences in this lifetime but are loops stored in our Akashic records (think library of all of your lifetimes) that are quick to surface when something triggers them in this life.

The only thing I have ever wanted is to help people feel better about themselves and to create a safe space, where people feel valued, connected and heard.

So today it’s back to the drawing board to start creating that space beginning in our home and throughout all facets of my world.

The beautiful thing about new awarenesses and realizations is that every day is a new day and it’s never too late to start creating the life you want. 

What will you do different today?


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