Refusing to Receive

This has been a common theme that is popping up in my world lately.

Do you have a challenge with receiving?

If you have been struggling with:

  • having money flow into your life, 
  • allowing people to help you, 
  • embracing compliments, 
  • owning your strengths and gifts, 

These are all indicators that you may have an issue with receiving.

If you feel like you come last on your own priority list then it is likely you have an issue with receiving.

I still catch myself doing this sometimes and I watch women around me do it too!

Women have learned to give and give and give. We have not learned how to receive. When it is our turn to receive we are not sure how to do it, or what it even feels like. And then there is this little thing called guilt.

Have you experienced this?

Have you ever been ready to do something for yourself, and then you see the price and you stop? Full stop!

And next, you might convince yourself that you need the money for something else.  The kids, the spouse, the house, anything else but you.

The massage you were going to schedule doesn't happen. Even though you know it would ease the aching muscles and make you a happier mom. The shirt you were going to order stays in your shopping cart. Even though the color would make your eyes pop! And the day out with the girls remains a dream, although it would fill your cup back up.

WTF!? What just happened? 

Your internal barriers stopped the flow of energy. Your vibration dropped. And this is where the spin can start.

Now switch gears for a moment and think of the last time you received a compliment. How did you handle it? 

Have you ever given someone a compliment where they denied or refuted it? Ignored it? Or did they disallow it? With each of these responses, how did you feel? Did this behavior deepen your bond with them or did it push you away?

Think about how you energetically sent that person some love wrapped up in this compliment. They had two choices; opening up and embracing it or putting up a brick wall with a sign saying you are not welcome here.

Think about the different energetic exchange it would have been if they had simply said thank you. 

Sometimes we have our barriers up so high to protect us that we unconsciously block all the good things too! It’s often not deliberate when people don’t receive the good things that are sent their way.

What if you think of this in another way? When you block the flow of money out (ie stopping the spend), you block the flow of money in. When the barriers are up they block the flow in both directions.

Think about this for a minute, if you put a dam in a river it blocks the flow of water both ways. When you put an energetic wall up, it blocks the flow of energy both ways. Hmmm . . . can you see how this could be creating a bit of a situation?

Letting the barriers down can create space, freedom, and movement. It also can feel vulnerable and raw, not usually something people are excited to jump into. BUT . . . if you knew that there was so much more on the other side would you do it?

What if allowing the walls to come down would create the flow you require to receive the things you desire. 

If you are ready to explore more, check out this new sound healing experience on clearing your field to open the flow.

The next time you go to do something for yourself and you start to talk yourself out of it, remind yourself that you are blocking the flow both ways. Ask yourself is that what you really desire to do?

What if by doing something for you, the barrier begins to come down. 

Let me know how it goes as you increase your energetic flow.


xo Denise


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