What does enough even mean?

Is it when your belly is full and you are not feeling hungry any more?  Or . . . is it when your heart is content and wrapped in joy?

Have you ever struggled with a busy mind?  Where your ideas jump all over the place and you can't keep a train of thought for more than a few seconds.

I often experience this brain chaos and while it can be exhilarating for a short time I have come to realize that it is a big part of the energy drain.  Think of your body being pushed into fight or flight mode by this constant chaos.  That causes the adrenals to release cortisol over and over again. 

Now, remember the adrenals are there for a reason, to kick us into high gear and get the adrenaline pumping so we could save ourselves from the immediate danger.  The problem is for many of us today we are in this state almost constantly and as a result, we experience adrenal fatigue.  The glands are depleted and they just shut down.

So why am I sharing this today?...

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