Is this even mine?

This could be the single most powerful question you will learn to ask. Especially if you want to be the hero in your own journey.
You may be walking around like a great big sponge. Absorbing emotions, and energy from others and not even realizing it. The load can become heavy very quickly and you need a way to release the stuff you are picking up and taking on.
How do you know if you are an empath (or a sponge)? Some signs you may recognize are you:
  • often feel drained after being in a crowd of people
  • pick up on the energy of a room as soon as you enter it.
  • have a built in BS detector
  • take on others emotions, energies, illnesses or injuries
  • can become incapacitated by loud violent noises or strong smells
  • can’t contain your love of animals or babies
Those are just some of the most common signs of an empath. If you want to learn more about what type of empath you are then take my quiz.
Recently I was doing an gentle body cleanse to detox my liver. There were several signs my body was giving me, including persistent breakouts on my chin. I had been on the detox for about a week when suddenly I started developing a rash on my neck. It started out like a small dry, itchy patch and spread to encompass the entire front of my neck. It looked like a chemical burn. It was hot and angry!
I was asking questions and digging into every thread that came up to find the source. I ran clearing statements, collapsed timelines and yet it continued to rage on. I reached out to several colleagues for their perspectives. There were so many layers and each time I would think I had resolved it, the heat would turn up again. It was exhausting, and was making me cranky and irritable.
I continued to reach out to my tribe to gather inspiration for new questions. I was working with another peer and she tapped in and asked is the liver issue even yours?
Visualize me smacking myself in the forehead, when I truth tested this and asked is this even mine? I got a powerful NO! I had taken this on for someone else! The mess on my neck had started as a way to detox someone else’s stuff.
If this is resonating within your body, there's a good chance you have done this too!
Now don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of layers to what was happening on my neck and many were mine. I couldn't heal what was happening until I released what wasn’t mine. As soon as I returned to sender, my body started to turn the heat down. (Thank goodness!)
Why am I sharing this story with you? You don't know what you don't know.
I see this happen time and time again with my clients. They take on things for friends, family, spouses, and strangers. They don’t even think to question whether the emotion, or illness, or pain is theirs. They have no reason to question it. They are doing what they have always done. They don't know any different.
Here’s another recent experience. My grandkids were visiting. I was walking down the stairs from my healing room and my knees began aching. I was right on my axis this time and caught it immediately. The first question I asked was is this even mine? Again a resounding NO! I returned to sender and my pain vanished. I immediately had my attention drawn to my granddaughter and so I asked her are you knees hurting? She said yes, how did you know? I told her I felt it and then I began to work with her body to ease her pain.
One more story. The other day I was experiencing what felt very much like a PTSD loop, and yet I knew that I had already removed mine. I got curious and began to dig. Is it possible to have more than one? Where is this sitting? Is this another layer of the one I already cleared?
I had been working on this for almost half a day and then I thought, is this even mine? NOPE! It wasn’t and that’s why what I was doing to clear it wasn’t working. It wasn’t mine to clear. A simple connection to my mountain vortex and a return to sender and it was gone. Bye bye.
Can you see how powerful this could be in your life?
So when do you use it?
Have you ever returned home from a gathering and felt completely drained? This is usually a sign that you have brought a lot of extra things home with you.
In this case I like to do a clean sweep. Ask your body to highlight for you anything that you are holding that isn’t yours. You can ask the question out loud, in your mind or set the intention.
I sometimes like to say body show me everything that isn’t mine. Any feelings, emotions, injury, illness, beliefs, projections, any anything. Once I set that intention, I tap my foot or snap my fingers and say return to sender. I like the physical movement to solidify it. You may not find that is necessary.
Ever had an instant headache? This is a good time to ask is this even mine? If you are not familiar with how to feel the yes and no answers from your body, checkout this video.
When you get a sharp pain, or a dull ache and they seem to come out of nowhere this is also a good time to ask.
When you get an overwhelming emotion that doesn't make sense this is a good time to ask, is this even mine?
When you feel unwell, ask is this even mine?
When you feel schlumpy or you want to be diligent with your energy field, ask your body to highlight for you anything that isn’t yours. Now do a return to sender.
Awareness of something that feels off is the first step. Asking is this even mine is step two. Step three is return to sender if the answer is no. If the answer is yes, then this is where you want to start asking more questions and being using other tools.
Give it a try and amaze yourself with how you can shift your stuff and create space and freedom within!
Reach out if you have questions or want to share your experience.
xo Denise

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