Have you been here before or are you losing your mind?

 Have you ever experienced intense emotions about something you are about to do and wondered where the heck these emotions came from?
I am talking about doing something you have never done before.
You have no previous memory of anything similar and yet you have an intense reaction to the idea. WTF?
Why is that?
It could be that a past life experience or pattern is holding you hostage.
What do I mean by that?
The body remembers everything that has happened to it in this lifetime. The soul remembers everything that has happened to it in any of the hundred of lifetimes you have lived. Together they carry and broadcast the beliefs and emotions of these remembrances. These memories can hold you imprisoned, in your own body.  Feeling like you have nowhere to turn or no alternate choice.
During our recent online women’s circle, we had many participants wondering about their underlying fears around the situation we are facing in the world today. Many of them were experiencing intense and irrational fear with the pandemic.
Are you feeling this way too?
By tapping into this feeling many of them realized they had died in a previous plague or nursed others through a plague, epidemic or pandemic. These previous experiences were completely controlling the way they were feeling today. These memories would continue to shape their world for tomorrow if they chose to leave this loop running.
There is another choice.
The alternative is to call the timelines forward where you ran this akashic pattern and collapse them all down so they are no longer running. They are no longer going to impact your future choices, beliefs and decisions.
Are you curious now to start doing some digging of your own?
Start with asking questions and using your truth testing to source our your answers or you could also use a pendulum here. Yes/no questions work best.
If you aren’t familiar with truth testing then watch my short video here.
Have fun and share your discoveries on the my FB page.
xo Denise

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