Refusing to Receive

This has been a common theme that is popping up in my world lately.

Do you have a challenge with receiving?

If you have been struggling with:

  • having money flow into your life, 
  • allowing people to help you, 
  • embracing compliments, 
  • owning your strengths and gifts, 

These are all indicators that you may have an issue with receiving.

If you feel like you come last on your own priority list then it is likely you have an issue with receiving.

I still catch myself doing this sometimes and I watch women around me do it too!

Women have learned to give and give and give. We have not learned how to receive. When it is our turn to receive we are not sure how to do it, or what it even feels like. And then there is this little thing called guilt.

Have you experienced this?

Have you ever been ready to do something for yourself, and then you see the price and you stop? Full stop!

And next, you might convince yourself that you need the money for something else.  The kids,...

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