Mirrors and Triggers

Spending the weekend with soul sisters is inspiring and enlightening!
When women gather, magic happens. And the shit can fly too!
What do I mean?
Have you ever been in a situation where you watch two people trigger the hell out of each other? Where whatever one says the other reacts too. What if you think of it like this. One person behaves in a certain way and it acts as a mirror for the other person. They see, feel or recognize something they don’t like within themselves. They make a choice and behave in a certain way that is comfortable for them and likely a pattern. If they are not aware of what is happening they may react with an emotion like anger, frustration, or guilt. This often will then set off the other person because it is again reflecting back on them.
Take a moment and consider who is currently acting as a mirror for you? Hint: Think about your children and the one that annoys you on the...
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