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Join our monthly gatherings to reconnect yourself, explore new possibilities in the mystical, discover your gifts and expand your current reality. 

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Are you missing a tribe and your magic?  Then this is the spot for you!

We all began this journey with our magic intact and alive.  Then life happened and we dimmed ourselves down and hid our gifts.  If you are ready to reawaken and remember your magic then this circle is where you want to be.  I am here to guide your way and share in your discoveries in a safe, supportive space.

This month's theme:

UNBECOMING: Releasing what isn't yours!

Energy theft is a real thing! So are energetic hitchhikers, not to mention the judgements, expectations and projections we often take on from others. All of which get in our way of being our authentic selves.

This month we will discuss some energy-shifting and clearing processes you can use for your body and the spaces and places you live, work or play in.

Each month in these circles, we dive into a theme with activities designed to deepen your psychic senses. No matter where you are in your journey with intuitive development, if you're a curious newbie, an intuitive who has dabbled, or a seasoned lightworker or way-shower, you are welcome here. 

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The Details:

When: July 18th

Time: 7 pm PDT

Where: online via Zoom

Registration fee $25 (pre-registration is required)
Bring your amazing self and your curiosity, and let's see what new magic we create in circle together! 
You were not meant to walk this journey alone!

What to expect . . . the flowing structure of a circle.

The interactive experience of a circle will have you playing and exploring several of these topics while making new friends:

  • Strengthening your intuitive connections
  • Meeting your team
  • Maintaining your sovereignty
  • Releasing your emotions
  • Resetting your body
  • Sound bath/healing experience

Every circle is unique! This is a guided discovery opportunity that takes place in a curated, safe space where you can share your journey and are nurtured and supported by a tribe.

Each circle has a theme and several activities selected to honour that topic. As the tribe gathers, Denise reads the energy and chooses the activities that will best meet the needs of the group assembled.

When women gather magic happens!

Pre-registration is required.

Reserve your spot in the circle!

UNBECOMING CIRCLE: Releasing all that isn't yours!

Let's shift the energy within your body and all the places and spaces where you live, work and play!









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Monthly Gatherings

We come together to remember our true essence through reconnecting to soul sisters, and intuitive development. In the private, safe space of our circle, magic is curated and curiosity can play. 

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Fun, Magical Topics

Each month we will explore a new focus while diving deeper into a specific area, concept, tool or challenge.  All themes are carefully chosen and crafted for personal growth and awareness.

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Expansion Tools

This is your opportunity to learn about and play with all things mystical including; tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, reiki, rituals, essential oils, and so much more!

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Josee L.

I am so grateful for last night’s circle. Thank you to all the women who showed up and shared this experience with me. And a big thank you to Denise Ruddick our leader who shared an amazing meditation with us. Denise, your bag is full of powerful tools and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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